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Programming Wiki : rpcgenMakefile

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pp.x is the only file that rpcgen will start with to generate the rest of the files


TARGETS = pp.h pp_clnt.c pp_xdr.c pp_svc.c

$(TARGETS) : pp.x
	    rpcgen -a -C pp.x
	    cp pp.h $(HOME_DIR)/pp_server/pp.h; \
	    cp pp.h $(HOME_DIR)/pp_client/pp.h; \
	    cp pp_svc.c $(HOME_DIR)/pp_server/pp_svc.cxx; \
	    cp pp_xdr.c $(HOME_DIR)/pp_server/pp_xdr.cxx; \
	    cp pp_clnt.c $(HOME_DIR)/pp_client/pp_clnt.cxx; \
	    cp pp_xdr.c $(HOME_DIR)/pp_client/pp_xdr.cxx

all : $(TARGETS)

	    rm -f makefile.pp Makefile.pp pp.h pp_client.c pp_server.c pp_clnt.c \
	       pp_svc.c pp_xdr.c

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