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Trick for getting Gnome's theme to take effect for applications when not running Gnome

I ran into the problem of wanting my Gnome applications to use a theme in Gnome other than the default one when I am running Fluxbox. I thought, in the past, this would work by launching gnome-theme-manager and selecting the theme and Gnome applications would keep using them even after I exited and restarted Fluxbox. This was not the case. When I exited Fluxbox and restarted it my Gnome applications were back to using the old default theme. When you launch gnome-theme-manager it will put the applications back to the theme that was chose.

There is probably a better way than this.. but this is how I fixed it.
Add this line to ~/.xinitrc
gnome-theme-manager & sleep 1;killall gnome-theme-manager

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