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WikiHomePage 2012-02-22 00:05:25
  ...%20swat%20msn.jpg" alt="Food Code" style="float: right; margin: 0.5%; padding: 0.5%;">"" =====Programming Languages and Resources===== ==This wiki is a collection of coding notes and examples. Please feel free to contribute.== ===Procedural Progr...
Regex 2008-06-21 18:43:34
  ...===Regular expression resources=== This is the more-or-less official home page of the [[ FreeNode]] IRC channel [[irc://irc.freeno...
Resources 2007-07-12 00:05:20
  ...eral chapters and its amazing with fun projects. [[]] - The common lisp wiki. Links to and resources for free software implemented in Common Lisp and available on Unix-like systems. === Python === ---- [[http://docs.pyt...
DynamicMenus 2006-04-16 20:22:13
  ..../gfx/mbp_projects_h.png" ip2on=new Image(); ip2on.src="./gfx/mbp_wiki_h.png" ip3on=new Image(); ip3on.src="./gfx/mbp_resources_h.png" mpvon=new Image(); mpvon.src="./gfx/mp_v_h.png" // LOAD THE "OFF" BUTTONS ip0off=new Image(); ip0off.src="./g...

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