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Regular expression resources

This is the more-or-less official home page of the FreeNode IRC channel #regex ( irc:// ). Come join us there for real-time support!

Wikipedia:Regular_expression is an excellent introductory article.
RegexAsk: how to get answers on #regex
RegexFAQ: frequently asked questions
perlretut is a Perl regular expression tutorial.


Want to become a regex master? You must read Jeffrey Friedl's Mastering Regular Expressions.

Rex V: an AJAX Regular EXpression eValuator
QuickRex Plugin for Eclipse

Implementation-specific references

Implementation notes

Notes on TextPad

According to the TextPad manual (distributed with TextPad v4.7.3), TextPad mostly supports POSIX Extended Regular Expression syntax, with the following changes:

TextPad also supports \< and \> to match the start and end of a word; \t, \f, and \n to match tab, form feed, and newline; \xHH to match a character via its code point specified in hexadecimal; and an additional character class [[:token:]] which matches a token character according to the current Syntax definition. See the TextPad manual for more information.

RegexExamples: example programs

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