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Reading Information From a File and into a Variable


Reading a whole file in at once
my @my_array = <FILE>;
close FILE;

Here's a program that reads a file and prints it in sorted order
open(MYINPUTFILE, "<filename.out"); # open for input
my(@lines) = <MYINPUTFILE>; # read file into list
@lines = sort(@lines); # sort the list
foreach $line (@lines) # loop thru list
 print "$line"; # print in sort order

Reading a file line by line
open(MYINPUTFILE, "<filename.out");
 # Good practice to store $_ value because
 # subsequent operations may change it.
 my($line) = $_;

 # Good practice to always strip the trailing
 # newline from the line.

 # Convert the line to upper case.
 $line =~ tr/[a-z]/[A-Z]/;

 # Print the line to the screen and add a newline
 print "$line\n";

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