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Wikka Formatting Guide

Once you have read through this, test your formatting skills in the SandBox.

1. Text Formatting

Note: Anything between 2 sets of double-quotes is not formatted.


//I'm italic text!//
I'm italic text!

And I'm __underlined__!
And I'm underlined!

##monospace text##
monospace text

''highlight text'' (using 2 single-quotes)
highlight text

Strike through text
Strike through text

Press #%ANY KEY#%

@@Center text@@
Center text

2. Headers

Use between five = (for the biggest header) and two = (for the smallest header) on both sides of a text.

====== Really big header ======

Really big header

===== Rather big header =====

Rather big header

==== Medium header ====

Medium header

=== Not-so-big header ===

Not-so-big header

== Smallish header ==
Smallish header

3. Horizontal separator


4. Forced line break


5. Lists / Indents

Indent text using 4 spaces (which will auto-convert into tabs) or using "~". To make bulleted / ordered lists, use the following codes (you can use 4 spaces instead of "~"):

~- bulleted list:

~1) numbered list:
  1. numbered list
  2. Line two

~A) Using uppercase characters:
  1. Using uppercase characters
  2. Line two

~a) Using lowercase characters:
  1. Using lowercase characters
  2. Line two

~I) using uppercase roman numerals:
  1. using Latin numbers
  2. Line two

~i) using lowercase roman numerals:
  1. using Latin numbers
  2. Line two

6. Inline comments


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