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aterm Configuration


I am currently running aterm with this configuration. See man aterm for more information about these options.

Set the background black and the forground grey (white is pretty blinding) the scroll back buffer is set to 1000 and transparency is enabled (-tr) at 15%. The default fonts it picks look horrible on my systems and small. I used xfontsel to pick something that I liked and passed it after the -fn

Usage / Configuration

aterm -bg black -fg grey -sl 1000 -vb  sb -tr -sh 15 -fn -cronyx-fixed-* -fb -cronyx-fixed-*

Using the geometry setting (100 width and 50 height):
-geometry 100x50

Commands Used Summary

Turn off visual bell
Add the following to /etc/inputrc
# do not bell on tab-completion
set bell-style none



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